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What’s Included

At 10% the cost of the complete 3-Stage Requirements Methodology, this $195 package includes:

  • Pre-Requirements Survey Questions
  • Initial Requirements Questions
  • Requirements Document Template
  • Requirements Document Tips & Tricks
  • Draft Presentation Tips & Tricks
  • Post Draft Presentation Survey Questions
  • Final Presentation Tips & Tricks
  • Post Final Presentation Survey Questions
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What’s Not Included

This package doesn’t include the qualities and characteristics of great analysts, such as:

  • Excellent written and verbal communications
  • Being able to rapidly adjust to changing situations
  • Creative, analytical and technical thinking
  • Indentifying distractions and adjusting to control and steer conversations
  • Insights and correlations from outside your company and outside your industry
  • And more…

If you are in need of any or all of the above, I highly recommend using IBPM Corporation.

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