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Information Gathering & Analysis

  • 3 anonymous surveys to gather information before, during and after my process
  • Review, analyze and incorporate information from start to finish across all surveys, meetings and presentations

Meetings & Presentations

  • Up to 3, One-Hour Requirements Gathering Sessions
  • 1, One-Hour Draft Presentation
  • 1, One-Hour Final Presentation


  • A detailed description of your current processes
  • Cost savings analysis of moving forward with your improvements
  • A visual diagram of your current state business process
  • A visual diagram of your future state business process
  • High Level Functional Requirements
  • High Level Design Requirements
  • At least 3 business recommendations
  • At least 3 technical or industry-related recommendations

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The Process

My process has three phases. Each phase contains direct as well as anonymous inputs from you and your team into what you are looking to accomplish.

I’ve found that while having groups of people together can foster amazing collaboration and results, sometimes it is best for individuals to collect their thoughts and present them in a candid, anonymous manner.

This method approaches the process from both ends of the spectrum and leads to extremely valuable insights that may not have been apparent from the start.

As each of the phases progresses, the documentation I provide evolves to reflect those direct and indirect inputs. The final result of a comprehensive document that is enables you to make informed future decisions.